Trade Copier and Multiplier

Tradeview now offers the premier MetaTrader 4 trade copier on the market. This software not only allows you to copy trades from one MT4 account to another MT4 account, it allows you to add a MULTIPLIER that will increase or decrease the size of the trade in the slave account.

This highly customizable software employs a "rule" based system that will allow you to have multiple traders that can copy trades to a single slave account simultaneously, each using a different multiplier. Multipliers can be edited and rules can be removed in real time, allowing you to constantly monitor the performance of your trader or traders and made adjustments as necessary.

Copier Multiplier

This software is EA and automated trading ready. It is a highly stable, server based, low latency professional trading software. Even with multiple rules and orders going through simultaneously, you will not see an adverse affect on order execution.

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1. Shows Gui and how to config stuff.

Trade Copier Multiplier

2. Shows 1.0 lots on Master trading account and multiplier of 10 for 406098.

Trade Copier Multiplier

3. Shows GUI with multiplier of 10 and 10.0 lots on Slave.

Trade Copier Multiplier

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