Tradeview Risk Manager

Tradeview has developed proprietary software for companies who wish to limit the ability of their trader or multiple traders by individually locking MT4 trading accounts on the following variables:

  • Max. trade size
  • Max. daily draw-down
  • Trading hours
  • Trading products

This software employs an easy to use GUI that will allow you to create "rules" based on these variables and apply them to "lock" accounts. Multiple rules can be made on a single trading account and can be stacked to create an endless array of possibilities. These rules can also be edited, added, and removed in real time, giving you total freedom in managing a group of traders.

Finally this product is automatic trading and EA compatable. This very stable, server based, low latency software will not affect order execution speed in any way.

For a demo, please contact

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Tradeview - Risk Management Plugin

2. Add, Edit or Remove Setting.

Tradeview - Risk Management Plugin

3. Edit Setting Window.

Tradeview - Risk Management Plugin

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